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Listed below are links to information regarding the origin of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the activities and experiences of those in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and how the renewal fits into the heart of the Catholic Church. There are many good sources to find information, including the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Compendium, the documents of Vatican II and the Bible. We offer these, knowing that they are only a small part of information that is available, and encouraging you to seek information in other sources approved by the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal-An Experience of the Holy Spirit How do leaders in the Church view the Catholic Charismatic Renewal?

Understanding the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

About Charismatic Renewal (Link to NSC web page)

What is a Charismatic Prayer Meeting? What is a Life-In-The-Spirit Seminar?

What is the Baptism In The Spirit? (Link to CCR-UK)


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