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Suggestions for Daily Prayer Time

There are numerous formats used for prayer time. Ultimately, the best format for you is the one the Holy Spirit leads you to use. But if you are searching for a new idea in your daily prayer time, here are some suggestions that may be of help to you, offered by people from various walks of life. None of these is better than the others. They are all good! But start each with a prayer to the Holy Spirit to help you pray in the Spirit. If you have been given the gift of prayer tongues, it is a good idea to begin with several minutes of prayer in tongues, allowing the Holy Spirit to pray through you.

Suggestion #1


A=Acclamation. Praise God…simply because he is God and deserves our praise, love and worship.
C=Contrition. Ask his forgiveness for anything you are led to bring to him.
T=Thanksgiving. Thank him for his goodness, for his love, and for anything else that comes to mind.
S=Supplication. Requests. Request anything from him that you are led to pray for.

Then stop and become quiet. Do not generate thoughts. Allow the Lord to speak to you. LISTEN!

Suggestion #2
(from Charismatic Renewal Office, Bloomfield, CT.)

1. Praise: Spend time to worship God
2. Forgiveness: Self and others.
3. Thankfulness: For all of God’s blessings.
4. Petitions: Pray for the needs of others and self.
5. Scripture: Pray one of the Psalms and read/pray one passage from the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. (Example: Luke 5: 12-16)
6. Listen: Spend quiet time trying to listen to the Lord by letting him speak through your thoughts.

Suggestion #3

Linda Schubert suggests dividing an hour of prayer into 5-minute segments: praise; sing to the Lord; spiritual warfare; surrender; release of Holy Spirit; repentance; forgiveness; scripture reflections; wait for the Lord to speak; intercessions; petitions; and thanksgiving.

This extremely popular format is explained fully in her book, MIRACLE HOUR, available in many bookstores and on her Web site: The book has several million copies in circulation in more than 20 languages and is used extensively throughout the world.

Other Suggestions to be added later.